About Us

Origin Of Vidya Pranali

Vidya Pranali is all in one management software solution consisting of everything your institution will need. We aim to automate the day-to-day activities of Educational Institutions. With super-smart features, we provide access to the school and college software management system to parents and teachers. As we know, education is the basic need of society; we created the management software as a core focus platform. This management platform is specially developed to get desired outcomes.

We focus on providing a flexible platform of interaction to teachers, parents, students, and administration. Our management software offers many advantages, including mobile access, daily activities notification, daily task list, attendance tracking, etc.

Get the smartest feature on your fingertips!

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Novel Mind

Novel mind behind this idea

Mr. Rakesh Moyal

Founder & Creative Director

Mr. Rakesh Moyal is the founder and creative director of Vidhya Pranali. He has great expertise in software development and business development. He is also Co-founder of Glorify Garbage which is an environment-friendly organization that serves community/societies by giving extra utility options in exchange for trash material. He is a visioner who has the ability to have crucially, communicate a collective ambition about his organization.