Privacy Policy

Safety of your data is our top Priority

Server-Side Encryption with KMS-Managed keys (SSE-KMS) and AWS SDK encryption library for an application.
Multi-factor authentication (MFA) on IAM for database and file server
VPC security group for access control
Multi-Zone for enhancing data availability
24*7 monitor data in the best cloud watch environment

Your privacy is important to Vidya Pranali. Our Privacy Policy is straightforward, how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your information. We hope our policy is easy-to-understand. Please take two minutes to review the details of our privacy policy given below.

Innovate uses your “Android.Permission.READ_PHONE_STATE” Permission. It is required for your application to be able to read the call state, to pause the app accordingly.

Transparency and Choice
You can also control which social websites you wish to share or upload.

Third-party accounts
Vidya Pranali does not store any other third party service passwords. Your account information is not disclosed to Vidya Pranali and you are free to cancel any of your social networking website connections with Vidya Pranali at any time.